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An open letter to the UN and Washington:
Hamas, ISIS, Al-Qaeda, Hezbollah.
No one is safe from the forces of Global Jihad.

Terror groups ravage the world. Throughout the Mideast, they terrorize and slaughter minorities. Christians, Jews, Kurds, women, gays, Yazidis — all under attack.

ISIS and al Qaeda commit atrocities every day. Hezbollah, Iran and Assad slaughter hundreds of thousands. Hamas launches a war of terror against innocent Israeli civilians.

But instead of exposing and fighting terror and protecting human rights, the UN is going after Israel for defending its civilian population. That is a betrayal of its mission and our values.

Hamas uses women and children as human shields, launches terror rockets from civilian areas, and targets Israeli population centers with indiscriminate rockets — all Hamas war crimes.

Now, the biased UNHRC Gaza inquiry is set to whitewash Hamas and demonize Israel.

Anti-Israel academic William Schabas led the inquiry before he was forced to resign for taking money from the PLO. His biased oversight of the “investigation” has irretrievably tainted the probe.

This biased probe must be rejected. We demand the UN conduct a credible inquiry into this summer's war. It must focus on Hamas war crimes.

If UN officials won't fully investigate Hamas war crimes, Washington must work to force them to do so.

The world can't let Hamas and other jihadist groups get away with war crimes. Join our pro-Israel coalition right now and tell the UN to expose Hamas' war-crime strategy — add your name below.

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We demand the UN fully investigate who armed, financed, and enabled Hamas to conduct its jihad:

  • Use of human shields, terror tunnels, and mortar and missiles aimed at Israeli civilians
  • Iran's role in supplying Hamas with terror, rockets and ammunition
  • Qatar and Turkey's support/funding for Hamas
  • NGOs' support of Hamas terror
  • UN schools' educating young Palestinians on how to become terrorists.
  • UN schools acting as rocket storage and launch sites
  • Diversion of UN materials for terror use
  • UN employees' work and advocacy for Hamas
  • UN's promotion of false civilian casualty figures
  • UN's appointment of anti-Semitic, biased investigators in Gaza inquiry